Most of us have known a kid like that. A kid who didn’t bathe every night. (Or–even–every other night.) One who didn’t have clean clothes and never wore socks…A kid with a constant fever who ate a lot of cereal.

A kid like Christopher Moltisanti was.

See, that’s what’s wrong with Christopher now. He’s never had much of a chance in life. His mom had a lot of problems…Still does, but she especially did then…When Christoper was a kid. Too many boyfriends. Substance abuse. Except for being pissed over the “whole inconvenience of being a mother thing” she was always unconcerned.

His dad wasn’t any better, though Christopher likes to think so. The guy was just another low life hustler with mob connections. He got whacked by a dirty cop who was doing a favor for those same mob connections.

There’s no tellin’ what would have happened to Christopher if Tony Soprano hadn’t taken him under his wing. It was a cool thing to do, especially since Tony was a teenager and Christopher was just a snot nosed little kid. Tony started calling him “nephew”–even though he’s not; he’s Camella’ s second cousin- and letting him tag along with the guys. That’s why Christopher is so loyal to Tony.

Well…He’s loyal..Up to a point.

Just like Tony treats him like a son…Up to a point.

Just like he finally belongs somewhere…Up to a point.

It’s no wonder he’s always getting clobbered by his own angst. And angst is one thing. Angst is cool. James Dean had angst.

But Christopher’s main problem–if you boil everything down to it–is insecurity. That’s why he struts around like he does. That’s why he dresses the way he does–showy, like a black velvet painting in a gold leaf covered frame. That’s why he medicates himself–with heroin.

And that’s why he’s so hair triggered. So dangerous.

There was one person, though, who soothed Christopher’s angst and tamped down his insecurity. Adriana La Cerva. She was totally devoted to him, dressing just like he wanted her to. Plus she listened to him. She believed in his dreams of being a screenwriter and filmmaker.

Christopher rewarded her for that.

Get this–heΒ listened to her. It turned out Adriana had dreams too. She wanted to promote rock bands. So he invested in a band she believed in and let her take over one of the clubs he had busted out. That’s huge.

Okay. So it didn’t work out. That’s not the point. The point is–he cared. He even asked her to marry him and put three carrot diamond ring on her finger.

But here’s the thing with Adriana. And it’s something she never knew. Sometimes, when Tony and Paulie and Sil would be holed up with their gumars (girlfriends) at some fancy resort or whorehouse, whatever…Sometimes, he wouldn’t hang out with them. Not that he didn’t have a few girls on the side now and then. He did. But most of the time he’d rather be with Adriana.

He loved her.

But Tony ruined that for him. Tony made him choose between “the life” and life with Adriana. And that’s no choice at all. That’s like when the Godfather tells Tom Hagen, “we’re gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

So you can’t really blame Christopher for resenting Tony. Or even hating him.

Still…He loves Tony… And Tony loves him…Up to a point.