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All Things Thriller

A Celebration of Thrillers, Noire and Black Comedy by Pamela Lowe Saldana

Month / January 2021

A Grain of Truth: a Dive into Conspiracy Theories

I am of the opinion that there is a grain of truth in many a conspiracy theory and considerably more than that in “the word on the street.” This is probably due to me overhearing my mom’s shop talk when I was a kid (she was a hair stylist) and seeing her sources confirmed, or […]

The Reconciliation of Faith: A Blind Deceiver Sees the Light

Long ago, during the reign of the Caesars, there lived a disgruntled man of privilege, a Jew with Roman citizenship. His name was Saul. He was a Pharisee. The Pharisees were a sect of scholars immersed–to the nth degree, jot and tittle–in the writings of the Hebrew prophets. They enforced Jewish law amongst the common […]