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All Things Thriller

A Celebration of Thrillers, Noire and Black Comedy by Pamela Lowe Saldana

Month / April 2020

Adventures In DeeJaying

Those of you familiar with my blog probably know that I am a DJ. I have DJ’d professionally–on FM radio and as a mobile–for twenty-five years, most of that time spent as a mobile. I no longer actively DJ. Instead, my husband and I manage a small business in which we employ a collective of […]

The Substance of Hope: The Conundrum of Why?

Most biblical scholars and theologians, or at least those that fall within the purview of my knowledge, believe that Job lived after Noah and the great flood, and before Moses. In those days there were no commandments and men and women lived by their own conscience. Then as now, those close to God lived within […]

A Curious Mix: My Relationship With Hip Hop

The first time I heard anything about rap music was on the news. A reporter was on a roof top in Harlem where a bunch of black folks–mostly teenagers–were having a dance party. A DJ–I remember him being older than the crowd–was playing records on two turntables at the same time, using a mixer. The […]


Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has claimed that the COVID-19 death toll is being exaggerated by governments “eager” to use modeling predictions to further their policies. Limbaugh made the remarks on the Thursday edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show. He insisted that models used to predict the spread of disease were helping promote government policies, […]

The Substance of Hope: The Chains of Pleiades

In the days of Job, God had not yet torn a remnant from the peoples of the world as he would later, beginning with the lineage of Abraham. From Abraham’s descendants the Israelite nation was born. Judaism sprang from God’s covenant with Abraham’s descendants, and the restrictions he placed upon them. Job lived in the […]