We all have our favorite bloggers. Some of them become our friends. Some don’t.

Some bloggers are part of our daily ritual. Others–like a favorite cousin that we rarely see–drop in sporadically. But we are always happy when they do. And we hope they feel the same about us.

Some bloggers teach. Some merely entertain. Some do both. A precious few inspire.

Here are three of my favorite bloggers in no particular order. Well…That’s not true. The first one, Beetley Pete is my favorite blogger of all time. After Pete, it’s completely random. Oh…And speaking of that…

It’s my intention to do a series on my favorite bloggers, kind of like the series that I do on great cinematic, literary (and TV) characters. So, yeah…I’ll be revisiting this topic…Lord willing.

It’s kind of like what a highway patrol officer told me, one time, when he pulled me over for speeding. I asked him, “What about those other cars that were speeding along with me? Why’d you pull me over and not them?”

“One at a time miss,” he said. “One at a time.”

…Or, in this case, three at a time.

BeetleyPete  Pete lives in the lovely rural area of Beetley,  hence the name of his blog. How do I know that it’s lovely? From pictures he shares. And from the stories he writes. Pete’s a former Londoner. That’s where he worked as a paramedic. He has retired, a plus for him and for those of us who follow him because now he writes. A lot. He’s also a very skilled blogger, treating his followers to: Tales from his ambulance days. Short stories with a twist of the macabre. Movie Reviews. And–my favorite–musings about him and his dog, Ollie, and their wanderings in the countryside of Beetley. Cheers, Pete.

Cinematic Coffee  I love the name of John Charet’s blog. I can’t think of many things that I enjoy more than having coffee and discussing cinema. And there are few who have more knowledge about the subject of cinema than John does. Whereas I am a movie buff, John is a cinephile. But don’t let that intimidate you. He’s very accessible and engaging. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of film without the residue of snobbery. Mucho props, John.

Becoming The Falme  DW always signs his name like this: dw. That’s the measure of the man. He is humble. He’s a Christian– in every sense of the word. He is kind. He is generous. He is honest. He’s also an artist–a beautiful poet and a marvelous musician. Whenever I visit Becoming The Flame I am nourished and nurtured by spiritual intellect; I am convicted by my own heart but never judged.

So there they are. Three of my favorite bloggers.

Have a good day.