The truth is he was good at sports.

He was. Look it up. You’ll see.

He was great at baseball.

It’s true. He could have gone pro.

The problem is, was–whatever–he doesn’t like to exercise. He thinks its boring.

He’s smart too. Made good grades. In the upper tier of his class.

High School. College.

You can look that up too. It’s right there. In black and white.

The media. They never print that stuff. The good stuff.

Sports. Grades. It came easy for him. He barely had to work at it. And he was right there…

In the B+ to A- range.

Which means he’s smart.

But he’s no genius. And that bothers him. It bothered his dad too.

He’s a tough guy too. He really is. He fought a lot. 

Nothing to be concerned about. It was military school. Everybody gets into fights in military school. It’s a right of passage.

He hated it. He didn’t want to go.

In hindsight it was good for him. It made him a man.

So what if he didn’t go to Vietnam. He’s rich. What father wouldn’t pull strings to keep their kid out of that war if he could?

His sons could have used some military school. Especially Jr. But their mother coddled them.

If his mother had treated him that way he wouldn’t be where he is now.

That’s what’s wrong with America today. Too soft. Especially the men.

Come on fellas get off mama’s tit. Go knock some heads.

To be cont…