I share a love of film and music with my friend and fellow blogger, Mikey over at Wolfman’s Cult Film Club. Mikey has a huge, eclectic record collection; I’ll put it this way, I was quite impressed with my own collection–until I saw his. Wow!

And while I dabble in jazz, Mikey is a bonafide jazz aficionado. He walks the walk and talks the talk–and he’s got the records to prove it.

So, in light of my post on the jazz heavy noir, Odds Against Tomorrow, I asked Mikey’s permission to repost his very “hepcat,” Where Has Poor Mikey Gone?

Without further adieu…

Wolfmans Cult Film

A friend sent me word of this once rare, and I imagine, seldom seen British film oddity called Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (1964). I’d never heard of it, however, I knew the filming location well. Set in the early 60s in London’s Soho area. Long before I would travel there on the train from my south coast hometown every other weekend to spend my wage packet on vinyl records. From the late 80s through to the early 2000s it was a mecca to me and many music heads for its vast assemble of filled to the brim, record shops. Most famously for Berwick Street, a street lined with the holy grail of crate digging flicking fingers.

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