Recently I started a podcast. My intentions were to start a true crime podcast about a missing persons/serial murder case that I have been researching (trying to solve) for the last two years.

But as I know next to nothing about podcast, I decided to get my feet wet in the podcast world with something I’m a little more familiar with–and so I settled on what I know best: music and cinema.

So my podcast is about the cinematic needle drop, that’s where a film sequence is accentuated with pop music–like in Goodfellas when Jimmy Conway, as portrayed by Robert De Niro, gets ultra-paranoid about loose lips regarding the Lufthansa heist and starts whacking his accomplices right and left…and the camera lingers on the dead bodies after the purge, going from one chilling death scene to the next as Derek and the Dominos, the piano coda from Layla, plays serenely.

That’s a needle drop.

And that’s what my podcast is about…music and commentary from and about various film soundtracks.

I will embed podcast episodes in my posts from time to time. You can also find my podcast on Podbean; I’m in the process of getting it on more sites so that it will be more accessible.

The episodes are an hour long.


I Heard it in a Movie: A Podcast about Music and Cinema Musical Confetti
I Heard it in a Movie : A Podcast about Music and CinemaElectric Eclectic