I can’t stand Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And, yeah, it’s personal.

Like a lot of other politicians (of both parties, I might add) I think he’s a pompous blow hard. But that’s not why I can’t stand him.

No. It’s his cruel streak, his over-the-top maliciousness in general and his snidely air that I find truly appalling. But more than even that, it’s his cruelty to sleeping dogs that really gets me.

It’s disturbing. Sadistic even.

I think DeSantis must really hate sleeping dogs, even though he acts like he’s on their side; his actions speak louder than his words. Just look at the way that he treats them:

He gets these huge truckloads of M80 fireworks…you know, those little mini bombs that your mom wouldn’t let your brother get for the 4th of July because they blow off peoples fingers and hands and stuff…

Yeah, those.

He ignites the fuses…he’s got these ball machines all lined up, like they use in tennis or baseball…only he loads them up with the M80s…and he just rains them down, just carpet bombs the you know what out of these poor sleeping dogs.

I’ve personally witnessed this. It’s awful.

The dogs jump up, they’re scared to death. Some of them cower. Some yelp and whine. They all bark and howl. They attack each other. It’s a spectacle.

And if that’s not bad enough, then DeSantis blasts about a gazillion vuvuzelas at them. (I’ll let you google that; they are loud.)

I know…I know. It’s terrible. It really is. But that’s not all. Nope. DeSantis is just getting started.

Then he gets about a ton of raw meat…chicken bones, porkchop bones, all that…and he just hurls it at them...

Yes…while the vuvuzelas and M80s are still going off. It’s like all hell’s breakin’ loose. Of course the poor dogs go even crazier.

But here’s the worst part of it: after he’s done all that, he unchains the gate…you know, where the dogs are…he just opens it up and lets them loose.

Yeah…and they are in a frenzy.

You know, come to think of it, this might really be the worst part…it all depends on your perspective, your circumstances…some people blame the dogs for everything. That’s right. They want to put the puppies in eco-friendly backpacks and throw them into the public pool…after it closes, of course. Be done with it.

Those people just don’t like dogs. They exaggerate things about them, or make stuff up…like they say the dogs have rabies…or they’re inbred…and it’s really sad because I use to know a lot of them. The dogs.

Sure, some were vicious and crazy from the get go, but they were the exceptions. And those dogs…the really mean ones…they don’t sleep.

But most of them–in my experience, anyway– weren’t like that. Not at all. They were just nice, normal dogs…and then DeSantis and his buddies started messin’ with them.

Of course, DeSantis isn’t the first one to get them all riled up. Hardly. But he may be the smartest one. And that’s why I can’t stand him.

And it’s also why he scares me a lot more than the dogs do.