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A Celebration of Thrillers, Noire and Black Comedy by Pamela Lowe Saldana

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The Showgirl, The Capo and The Comic, Part X

He bet on the wrong horse. It was as simple as that. He bet on the wrong horse because he let himself be influenced by his emotions, by his likes and his dislikes. He should have just stuck with the odds. He was a gambler, after all. Time and distance. That’s why Luciano’s word no […]

The Showgirl, The Capo and The Comic Part IX

Amongst Friends So everybody’s heard it, that saying about “there’s no honor among thieves.” And, well, that’s a very ambivalent statement. Because it’s true, up to a point, like everything else. It depends on how you look at it. The deal with Lucky Luciano, they were very loyal to him. The whole mafia. The whole […]

Hand in a Pocket

Originally posted on Laughter Over Tears:
The timing of my last blog, Acting While Black, was a little ironic, coming as it did shortly before the latest incident of police brutality/murder in the U.S. The premise that black characters rarely survive in movies of certain genres seemed absurdly laughable and it felt worthwhile to jog…

The Showgirl, The Capo and The Comic Part VIII

Aside from the fact that she genuinely loved her child, it was important to her to be a good mother. And she was–generally speaking. What made her sensitive about it, was an incident that happened in the park when her son was three years old. Now keep in mind, she was very particular about the […]

The Showgirl, The Capo and The Comic VII

When it came to women, there was just something about Nat Nelson. Sure, he was handsome, but not “through the roof” handsome. In fact, he was pretty soft. His face. His hands. He described himself as hedonistic. What he was, was elegant. Nice face. Nice things. Nice manners. He had lots and lots of girlfriends. […]

The Showgirl, The Capo and The Comic Part VI

Weehawken was an alright town as far as towns go. But it was on the wrong side of the Hudson, so there was that. And since it was on the wrong side of the Hudson, that meant it was in New Jersey, so that was another thing. And Jancie Hansen was a very good looking […]

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